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Join us on The Shetland Pony Experience where you will meet some of our home bred Shetland ponies from the Merkisayre Shetland Pony Stud.

Pony grazing.

Stallion - Kanteborgs Calvin Klein.

Duster loves to meet our lovely visitors!

Two ponies saying hello.

Stallion - Kanteborgs Calvin Klein.

Our foals love a scratch!

Galloping through the fields.

Merkisayre Duster - palomino miniature.

Duster nuzzles in for a cuddle!

Mare and foal.

Foal - Merkisayre Jolly.

Merkisayre Gold takes a rest.

Bright Star and her foal Sea Breeze.

Foal sucking milk from mother.

Foal - Merkisayre Sea Diamond.

Friendly ponies!

Mare and foal grooming each other.

Our ponies enjoy a laugh!

Say hello to Merkisayre Brumundal.

Merkisare Pennylane certainly isn't camera shy!

Nose to nose with Merkisayre Victor!

On the beach...

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